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91 Krypt je konopná odrůda od DNA Genetics / Cannapedia.cz je největší databáze konopných semen / 91 Krypt strain by DNA Genetics

91 Krypt

Average rating: 3.6 (28× ratings)

This is a Power strain that just is Crazy. Bringing these siblings together is just wrong, but creating the ultra high THC% with great flavor and great Medicinal values had to be done. This is a very limited release and will move very fast. The hailed Chem 91' is a powerhouse strain on its own and adding this to our famed male Capt. Krypt OG made this unbelievable hybrid a must for any medicinal garden that needs strength as well as hunger stimulation.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

80% ind./ 20% sat.
Indoor flowering time
63–70 days
Chem 91' x Captain Krypt OG
DNA Genetic


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