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Dermatitis counts among the most common skin diseases with 15–20 percent of Czechs suffering from it. The main symptom is reddish, inflamed rash, which can become extremely itchy. The sense of itching usually precedes visible symptoms. Skin becomes dry and peels or bleeds.



Genetic factors and environment are main causes of this disease. Dermatitis is usually treated with antihistamines and in serious cases with corticoids; nevertheless, sometimes it persists even after such therapy. Furthermore, when used in the long term, corticoids may exert serious side effects.


What Cannabis Can Do

Preclinical studies and patients’ testimonials suggest that cannabis may be a viable treatment for dermatitis – from atopic eczema to contact and xerotic forms. It has been already proven that cannabinoids reduce inflammation, alleviate itching, and may potentially cure the disease.

Cannabis salves have anti-inflammatory and hydrating effects. But beware – the exact contents of the product are crucial; in many countries, people can buy only topical salves containing hempseed oil, which lacks healing cannabinoids. If you can, always choose products with proper extracts.

Topical application of cannabis extracts dissolved ointment base (vaseline, coconut oil, lard…) on afflicted spot decreases inflammation and enables your skin to regenerate. Furthermore, these salves have no side effects, which are typically present in steroids – one must bear in mind, though, that the condition may slightly worsen during first week or so (as with any other herbal treatment).