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Do you think it is odd to cure symptoms of asthma with cannabis? At first, it may logically seem to be an unlikely treatment of respiratory issues because of its most preferable method of recreational usage, which is smoking.

Surprising Effects

Asthma is a lung condition which causes edema and bronchospasm, leading to wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath.

Every doctor would tell you that smoking is not beneficial at all for people suffering from asthma (neither for others). However, evidence shows that cannabis can have positive effects on people suffering from this disease and other respiratory issues, even if it is used via smoking.

Bronchial Dilation

There are studies proving that THC is able to expand the airways and suppress the cough. This means that the effects of cannabis are exactly the opposite of tobacco— our herb causes the bronchial dilation.

Even the doctors are surprised by online testimonials of asthmatic patients who experienced almost immediate improvement of their condition after smoking cannabis. Cannabis proves to be as effective as an inhaler and, what is more, compared to corticosteroids it has no negative side effects, such as high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and so on.

You can also avoid smoking cannabis and use vaporizer instead. This method allows the user to consume THC, CBD and other cannabinoids which cure the edema, without the negative effects of smoking.