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Preventing further drive

§ 118a of the Road Traffic Act – Preventing further drive

(1) When supervising safety and free flow of road traffic, a police officer may order the driver of a motor vehicle to drive to the nearest stopping place suitable for parking the vehicle in terms of road traffic safety and free flow and to prevent the driver from further driving by using a technical means that will make the departure of the vehicle impossible or by towing the vehicle away, if the driver

c) is suspected of having drunk an alcoholic beverage or having used any other addictive substance while driving,

d) is suspected of driving the motor vehicle immediately after drinking an alcoholic beverage or using other addictive substance, or at such time after having an alcoholic beverage or using other addictive substance when the driver still was under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substance,

f) in spite of the request under § 5 para. (1) (g), refused to undergo an examination carried out pursuant to a special legal regulation to determine whether he is not affected by other addictive substance.

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