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Duties of road users

§ 4 of the Road Traffic Act – Duties of road users

When participating in road traffic, every road user is obliged to

a) act in a thoughtful and disciplined manner so as his behaviour does not endanger the life, health and property of others or his own and does not harm the environment or endanger the lives of animals; he is obliged to adapt his behaviour especially to the road construction, traffic and technical conditions, weather conditions, situation in the road traffic, and to his abilities and state of health,

b) observe the road traffic rules governed by the Act, follow instructions of police officers, instructions of persons authorized to regulate traffic under § 75 paras. (5), (8) and (9) and to stop vehicles under § 79 para. (1), and follow instructions of persons authorized under a special legal regulation, i.e. observe rules and regulations issued to ensure safety and free flow of road traffic.

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