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Cannabis edibles

For decades, mostly sweets such as cookies or brownies were the most popular cannabis edibles, however, we now encounter dozens of different cannabis edibles ranging from salty sticks to gummy bears to chocolate, especially in states where cannabis is becoming legal.

Compared to cannabis intended for smoking, edibles often contain higher concentration of active substances and their effects take more time to manifest. Cannabis edibles are used both for medical and recreational use. All the legal dispensaries and cannabis “pharmacies” must state detailed information about the edibles they sell alongside with the content.


Dosage can be tricky

For edibles, it can be quite hard to determine an “ideal” dosage. Not only in food does cannabis affect each person differently, in this case the user should also take into account that they have to wait longer before it “kicks in”, so it is harder to decide what amount is just right, they just have to give it a try.

The length and intensity of the effect differs greatly and depends on many factors, such as metabolism, prior experience, tolerance to THC and so on. However, there is one basic rule – you should always wait at least two hours after consuming edibles before you decide to eat more. It happens on a daily basis that people think they have taken a small amount and then end up with extremely unpleasant “high”.


What is it like?

Edibles are becoming a popular alternative to smoking for many people who do not endure smoke or are non-smokers on principle. It is a better way for them to enjoy the fun or therapy. Many people say that digestion of cannabis in edibles has better and more relaxing effects than smoking. However, when it comes to edibles, it is very tricky to predict the effects they will cause.

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