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Blunt is essentially a hollowed-out cigar that has been refilled with cannabis. Its “coating” is a rolled-up tobacco leave from a cheap cigar. The general term “blunt”originated in the United States based on a once-popular Phillies Blunt cigar brand, but any common cheap cigars can be used to roll a blunt today.


Its advantages are easy preparation and high availability. Other common names for blunt in America are El-P or L, which stems from the name of another popular brand called El Producto, as well as Dutch, which refers to the Dutch Masters brand. Blunt smokers also favor Backwood, Swisher Sweets and White Owl cigar brands.

All the tastes of the world

Today, you can find blunt not only in the form of ordinary tobacco leaves, but also as pre-rolled tubes with many fruity flavors. As the leaves that make up blunt are tobacco ones, smokers need to bear in mind the risks of its use, such as potential nicotine addiction.

You may use cheap emptied cigars for smoking cannabis, or the above-mentioned pre-rolled tubes. These products are legal, as they are officially intended for cigars with tobacco mixes.