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Sleepy Yoda Auto

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Automatic strain Sleepy Yoda Auto is the result of crossing the White Yoda Auto and a special Northern Lights that produces denser buds. Suitable for indoor, outdoor, greenhouses and guerrilla crops.

Sleepy Yoda Auto is the new variety developed by the guys from Old School Genetics for Philosopher Seeds. It’s fast – it only needs 60–65 days from seedling – and produces lots of compact buds.

Outdoors, it easily reaches 1 meter in height and can be pruned or trained without problem if discretion is required. It can be grown throughout the year in temperate climates. The size of this strain is directly related to the pot size and daily hours of light. Philosopher Seeds recommend planting the seed into the final container once it sprouts.

It is suitable for any growing system and medium (hydro, coco or soil), although when grown in soil, it shows its full organoleptic potential.

This strain has inherited the sweet and musky taste of the Northern Lights parent, although some phenotypes have noble woodsy notes.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

Indoor flowering time
60–65 dní from germination
Flowering time outdoor
60–65 dní from germination
White Yoda Auto x Northern Lights
Life cycle
60–65 dní from germination
Philosopher Seeds


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