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Outdoor Grapefruit® by Female Seeds

Outdoor Grapefruit®

Average rating: 3.8 (13× ratings)

It all started from a small seed batch of Grapefruit inbred with Easy Sativa, an obvious winner. And so the project was started back in 1990. An 80% Grapefruit selected due to its early and fast flowering features. It was stabilized over several generations and is now part of Female Seeds’ permanent collection, due to the success of the first batch. Outdoor Grapefruit as female seeds was introduced in 2009.

This is a strain that originates from a long maturing sativa line. That means they need a longer vegetative phase to optimally mature and produce buds. Outdoor Grapefruit starts producing the first pistils around end of July/ beginning of August. It matures early enough to be ready before it becomes too cold. Ideal sowing time is mid-April to mid-May. The Female Seeds experts wouldn't recommend pre-growing this strain indoors in April, because this would cause the plant to start flowering in May outdoors. It needs the longer days and intensive midsummer sun to keep growing well. Half-open bud structure with thin, serrated fan leaves. The Outdoor Grapefruit will finish end of September to mid-October, depending on what latitude you grow outdoors.

The Outdoor Grapefruit produces impressively long colas with abundant trichome formation. You will probably have to support the bigger buds or they will succumb to the sheer weight.

The Grapefruit genetics offer a delicious grapefruit taste sour and tangy taste. Sweet with a hint of hashish.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

Mostly Sativa
Flowering time outdoor
End of September / Half of October
Easy Sativa x Grapefruit
grapefruit smell
Plant height
Outdoor: 200–250 cm
Female Seeds


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