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Mystic Cookie

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Super mystical cookie for a long journey

The fantastic original Girl Scout Cookie clone came from the United States and after a long period of work we got a strain very strong and steady, so we didn't hesitate to cross it with the same strong variety. We are talking about our lovely GMK from Gordo Master, a kushi which has not left anyone indifferent and which is a true THC-rich champion. The result is a variety that makes it possible to experience new mental and physical enjoyment. The plant is of medium size, strong and powerful. Its incredible branches are filled with compact resin-filled buds with enormous mystical possibilities. The effect is very pleasant and long-lasting, but at the same time strong, but without anything that could erase the smile from your face. USA power.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

mostly indica
Indoor flowering time
60-65 days
Flowering time outdoor
GMK X Cookie S1
flowers, mint, peat
Positronic Seeds


As this variety will be affect on you


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