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Mazar Boy

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Mazar Boy is very nice and graceful plant. It is a well balanced cross between sativa and indica. It represents all the good stuff from both worlds. It is suitable for everyone who does not want to make any compromises. This beauty creates long and really beautiful hard buds. The aroma of Mazar Boy is a very strong and pleasant flowery smell, almost as if you were thrown in the middle of a blooming meadow. Thanks to its short flowering time, Mazar Boy is suitable for outdoor growing. Indoor growing is perfectly possible as well, especially with the SOG method. 

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

50% ind./ 50% sat.
Indoor flowering time
50–60 days
Flowering time outdoor
End of September
(Afghani x Skunk #1) x (Killer Queen x Ortega x C99)
strong flowery smell
GunJah seeds
Czech Republic



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