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This hybrid for sativa lovers is mold resistant and has a short flowering period, making it perfect for outdoor cultivation in environments with high humidity. It is a plant that is grown more often by connoisseurs than by amateur growers because if you get a bit distracted or the plant gets stressed at the beginning of the flowering period, then not only will she grow out of control but flowering will be delayed.

Malakoff strong cerebral high is ideal for those who prefer a creative and energizing effect. Its distinctive taste combines the citrus fruity flavor typical for sativas and a touch of strawberries and cream.

As the "Y Griega" and "2046" strains, Malakoff is a plant suitable for treating diseases such as glaucoma.

1º Indoor – 4ª Copa del Mar de Plata 2014, Argentina

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

80% sat. / 20% ind.
Indoor flowering time
10–11,5 weeks
Flowering time outdoor
mid October
Strawberry Haze x White Widow
Life cycle
1–2 weeks
citrus with a touch of strawberry
Plant height
3 m
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