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Lemon Trip

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Acidity and trip

After years of working with different varieties with a hint of citrus, we came to the G10, a variety only available in Latin America.

After it was very well received and had fantastic results, we decided to continue this development and look for a variety in which to put the aroma and taste of citrus. This gives us the Lemon Trip, a delight for all the senses that lovers of citrus varieties will fully enjoy. The plant is strong and powerful, of average size, but can increase in size depending on the space it will be allocated. It has large branches without too many leaves. Its flowers are quite large and full of citrus trichomes ready for harvest after about 70 days. They do not require special care, it is only recommended to provide support at a later stage.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

mostly sativa
Indoor flowering time
65-75 days
Flowering time outdoor
mid/end October
Lemon Haze X selection of G10
fruity, spicy, incense, lemons, Haze
Positronic Seeds


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