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Lemon OG Candy by Philosopher Seeds

Lemon OG Candy

Average rating: 3.8 (5× ratings)

Lemon OG Candy was created by crossing an elite Super Lemon OG clone with a selection of the renowned Amnesia Haze. The resulting offspring is especially vigorous during the vegetative period.

Lemon OG Candy has a high content in cannabinoids and sticky trichomes that release an overwhelming citrus scent.

Lemon OG Candy grows fast and slender, so it doesn’t need a prolonged growth period before switching the photoperiod to bloom.

During the test crops the breeders of Philosopher Seeds obtained excellent results by germinating the seeds under a 12/12 photoperiod in 3.5L pots, which gives an idea of the potential of this variety.

It is easy to grow and resistant to pests, ideal for novice growers.

The smell and taste remind of the best haze, lemony and with delicious earthy and spicy undertones.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

65% sat./ 35% ind.
Indoor flowering time
60–70 days
Flowering time outdoor
early/mid October
Amnesia Haze x Super Lemon OG
Philosopher Seeds


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