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Haze is likely the most famous and most widely grown pure sativa in the world. Its origins can be traced to the early 1970s in Santa Cruz, California.

At that time, two brothers known as “Haze Brothers” (R. Haze and J. Haze) were growing and crossing various strains, utilizing imported sativa seeds, largely supplied by their friend and neighbor Sam known under the nickname “The Skunkman”.


Crossbreeding of original strains

It all began by creating a hybrid of an original sativa strain (landrace) from Mexico and a landrace from Colombia. In one year, the best selected female plants were crossed with a landrace variety from southern India. Finally, this female hybrid was crossbred again, this time with a male landrace sativa from Thailand.

Haze therefore cannot be considered a “pure hybrid” of sativa, as it had been created by crossing plants from Mexico, Columbia, India and Thailand. The Haze strain had not been very stable at first, showing many different phenotypes. The best known one was the legendary “Purple Haze”, a phenotype of a predominantly Colombian descent. Purple Haze has become the most potent and best looking Haze variety, albeit the most expensive one.


On the way to Europe

Sam “The Skunkman” took a few seeds from “Haze Brothers” along to the Netherlands in 1976, including Original Haze. In early 1980s, he moved to the other side of the Atlantic and began selling seeds under the brand Cultivator’s Choice in the Netherlands.

Haze is characteristic by its strong spicy aroma with light incense and sandalwood undertones, with a follow-up of citruses thanks to its Thai origin. It induces a strongly invigorating, almost psychedelic effect that is euphoric and bright and lasts for a very long time. As Haze is a pure sativa, it was pretty hard to grow it indoors because of its height, until it was crossed with indica strains.