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Lebanese Haze

Average rating: 3.2 (16× ratings)

Even though the original Lebanese strain is an indica, it was transformed into something completely different thanks to power of the Sativa Haze strain. It is a fine plant for everyone who wants a brilliant sativa with an indica-short flowering time. Lebanese Haze is so distinct that it will never be confused with any other strain. After a very vital, almost chaotic growth of the side branches (looks like an octopus), many long white stigmas appear. They will shortly turn into feathery white buds. The main cola is long and very hard. The aroma is a pleasantly fresh and spicy smell with earthy tones. Lebanese Haze is primarily recommended for outdoor growing, due to its fast flowering time. Thanks to its origin, it is suitable even for higher altitudes. 

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

sativa dominant
Indoor flowering time
55–65 days
Flowering time outdoor
mid September
Libanon x (Mexiko x Kolumbie x Thajsko x Indie)
sweet spicy smell with earthy tones
GunJah seeds
Czech Republic



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