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Jack La Mota

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Jack La Mota was inspired by the strain Jack Herer, which is possibly the best–known variety in the international cannabis scene. It was created in honor of the well–known hemp activist, Jack Herer. It is ideal for S.C.R.O.G. cultivation, produces long and compact shoots and has an intense incense aroma that will take you back to its ancestral roots.

It is best to be grown in a hydroponic set–up, which produces a high calyx–leaf ratio. It is is a highly valued plant for outdoor cultivation because it saves time involved in manicuring.

Jack La Mota has a euphoric high, very active and stimulating.

2º Mechanical Extract – Asociación Cannábica M.C. 4º cata invernal 2015, Miranda de Ebro
4º Outdoor – Mallorca Cannabis Cup 2014
3º Indoor – 4ª Copa del Mar de Plata 2014, Argentina
2º Extract – Canarian Cannabis Cup 2013
1º Indoor – 3º Copa del Mar de Plata 2013, Argentina
1º Bio – El Punto eres Tú 2009, Málaga

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

75% sat. / 25% ind.
Indoor flowering time
8–10 weeks
Flowering time outdoor
mid October
Northern Lights 5# Haze x Skunk
Life cycle
2–3 weeks
intense – incense
Plant height
Up to 3 m.
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