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Golden Cannary by Top Tao Seeds

Golden Cannary

Average rating: 3.5 (6× ratings)

A true albino! Golden Cannary is a unique plant in all directions. This exclusive strain was created on the basis of longstanding breeding and selection. Due to a lower content of chlorophyll, the plant is colored in yellow-gold as soon as it becomes a little seedling. Most plants will keep this color until the final stages of flowering. Golden Cannary’s color, smell, taste and effects are very unusual, nonstandard. This strain will surprise everyone with its extraordinary appearance.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

sativa / ruderalis / indica
Indoor flowering time
3,5–4 months
Flowering time outdoor
3,5–4 months
Tao secret
Life cycle
3,5–4 months
Plant height
1–2 m
Top Tao Seeds
Czech Republic


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