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Early Top Tao

Average rating: 3.9 (8× ratings)

Early Top Tao has scored twice at cannabis cups in the Outdoor category. After many years of selection of the fastest-flowering plants, a stabilized top strain was created and labeled „Early“, obviously for its early ripening. It is a plant extremely resistant to mold, pests, disease and the cold autumn of the Central European climate. It produces numerous branches, especially after the central bud is topped. The stem and branches are very strong and resistant to wind storms. Its huge leaves create a large surface for the absorption of sunlight. Early Top Tao safely completes its flowering period in the gardens of Central and Northern Europe. The incredible amounts of resin give off a fruity and flowery fragrance.


The seeds of this strain can also be purchased as part of the Cannapedia 2020 Calendar in the version of Autoflowering Cannabis Strains.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

Indoor flowering time
8 weeks
Flowering time outdoor
Oldschool Bohemia x Early Tao
fruity and flowery
Plant height
2–2,5 m
Top Tao Seeds
Czech republic


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