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Dutch Kush®

Average rating: 4.1 (17× ratings)

Dutch Kush combines classic Kush with Dutch genetics, resulting in a powerful indica suitable for medical users seeking ultimate relaxation. The smoke is very flavorful, a swirling combination of earthy caramel, citrus and sweet skunk. Dutch Kush is a resinous plant with accelerated growth power, excellent calyx development, compact colas and dense aromatic buds. Indoors, Dutch Kush is short, bushy and easy to manage; the distinctive cola development makes this a fine option for SOG set-ups too. Carbon filters should be kept well maintained because this is some stinky strain. Outdoors, Dutch Kush loves the warmth and the sun that dominates in a warmer climate, although the quick finish will also offer some guarantee of good results in more northern regions. Suitable for growing outside between 50° N and 50° S, Dutch Kush finishes in early October outdoors (N. lat.) and between 8–9 weeks indoors.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

80% ind. / 20% sat
Indoor flowering time
60 days
Flowering time outdoor
early October
Narrow Leaf Afghan x {Afghan Kush x Skunk}
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