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Dutch Cheese reg

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A very mold-resistant strain, capable to withstand colder climates. The Cheese variety is originally from the United Kingdom and further developed in the Netherlands. Cheese strains, very popular in the UK, have been gaining more and more popularity in Europe and the United States because of their medicinal potential and easy-to-grow genetics. Dutch Cheese is a really pungent strain that requires some odor control when growing indoors. Dutch Cheese has a high level of CBD which makes it a great medicinal cannabis plant. It has an indica appearance, with many bushy side branches and compact and dense buds, and a real old school cheese flavor and aroma with hints of flowers. A very stable Cheese was crossbred with Master Skunk (Afghan, Mexican, Colombian heritage) to become Dutch Cheese in regular version – perfect for all breeding programs. 

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

65% ind./35% sat.
Indoor flowering time
7–8 weeks
Flowering time outdoor
March - October
Cheese x Master Skunk
floral cheese
Plant height
80–110 cm indoor, 100–140 cm outdoor
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