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Devil Fruit

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Although Devil Fruit hybrid has the typical indica plant structure, its sativa heritage caused the flowering cycle to be a bit longer than usual, it finishes flowering in about 8–9 weeks indoors. If lighting conditions are not optimal, it will produce too many leaves.

Its effects are derived from its indica roots, beginning with a mellow cerebral high and quickly transporting you into a pleasant state of relaxation without heaviness, allowing you to perform your tasks with creativity.

The taste is the most desired feature of this plant, due to its extremely sweet flavor. It is the perfect match for those who give more importance to the taste of the smoke.

1º Mechanical Extract – Oil Hunters Cup 2015, Madrid
2º BHO Extract – Social Clubs Cannabis Cup 2014, Barcelona
1º Extract – Copa Galicia 2010

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

70% ind. / 30% sat
Indoor flowering time
8–9 weeks
Flowering time outdoor
1–15th of October
Shiskaberry x Great White Shark
Life cycle
2–3 weeks
Plant height
2,5 m
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