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Crazy Lady

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The laziest madness from Positronics, beware of it.

After a long search among the best indicas in the world, a friend led us to the seeds of excellent genetics that are strong, fast and productive, now well-known as Green Crack. We managed to pick one strain special for its sweet taste. After its stabilization, we combined it with one of our most popular original clones of Grapefruit and obtained an incredibly strong variety of strong vitality with a very satisfying taste. Crazy Lazy is characterized by fast growth and large leaves that occupy all the free space, has a short flowering period and high production. It is a clear competitor to the classic Critical. The large production capacity and first-class taste are a delicacy for the grower. It also needs good ventilation and an odour filter is recommended.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

mostly indica
Indoor flowering time
60-70 days
Flowering time outdoor
early October
Green Crack X Grapefruit
flowers, mint, peat
Positronic Seeds


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