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CBD Kong´s Kush

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Now King Kong has its own cannabis strain named after him. This friendly monster has shiny buds covered in crystals. As an experiment, an Old Afghani was crossed with a Blue Skunk, and the resulting hybrid called Blue Afghani was further crossbred with the cup winner Sumo’s OG Kush (Mystery OG Kush x California Kush) and stabilized as a high quality CBD strain with little to no variations between the phenotypes and with a true indica look and color. Due to the high level of CBD it is an ideal strain for pain relief and combatting stress symptoms. With its nice sweet lemony Kush aroma and sour taste, CBD Kong’s Kush is a very friendly monster.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

85% ind./15% sat.
Indoor flowering time
8–9 weeks
Flowering time outdoor
March - mid-October
Blue Afghan x Sumo's OG Kush
lemony sour
Plant height
100–120 cm indoor, 200–230 cm outdoor
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