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CBD+ 1:20

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Our first CBD+ 100% positronic.

Thanks to studies of the best genetics with a high CBD content, we decided to make a special selection of Positronics Seeds to introduce a variety of more medically pure, new CBD+ 1:20. A genuine strain, valued by all, for which after careful work we achieved a ratio of 1% THC / 20% CBD, means between 0.5 / 1% of its component Tetracannabinol and 15 / 20% of the desired cannabidiol. We have developed a special plant for therapeutic use with a very relaxing effect, but without the risk of affecting the brain or the feared pressure reduction. Both its flower and extract can be used for any therapeutic use. Apart from the recommended use in medicine, it is not behind her sisters in the use of entertainment. The other way around, it is a very strong plant, with branches full of leaves that hide medium-sized and very dense buds. It is a plant resistant to insects and diseases, recommended for growing indoors and outdoors, reaches an average size, a true natural remedy.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

Indoor flowering time
Flowering time outdoor
65 days
sweet, fruity, floral
Positronic Seeds


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