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Pure caramel, awarded from Barcelona to Amsterdam.

Skunk varieties have achieved worldwide success. Their rapid growth, unique aroma and taste of citrus have filled up gardens of thousands of growers until even today. That is why we created one Skunk variant with a large production: Caramel ice concentrates the aroma and taste of its parents' citrus with improvements such as maximum mould resistance and fast flowering. It is a plant with strong vitality. The stems are thin, the distance between sets of branches is average and the plants form a large number of small jagged leaves of light green colour. During flowering elongated spots appear and begin to smell strongly. In the fifth week, it begins to acquire the typical orange colour and the chalices are covered with a large number of trichomes. Cultivation is easy.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

mostly indica
Indoor flowering time
70 days
Flowering time outdoor
early october
Caramella x Superskunk
Positronics Seeds


Cannapedia: Odrůda konopí Caramel Ice od Positronic Seeds
Cannapedia: cannabis strain Caramel Ice by Positronic Seeds
Caramel Ice by Positronic Seeds seedbank on Cannapedia weed strain encyklopedia


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