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Big Bang

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this medically highly valuable strain has been created by crossing Skunk with Northern Light and El Niño (The kid) and is a very well suited remedy for patients suffering from pain, anxiety, internal unrest and a lack of appetite.
Big Bang is a short and wide, very bushy plant suited for indoor and outdoor cultivation - actually she tends to grow wider than high. She is a perfect candidate for the ScrOG method and is a very good choice for commercial growers. Big Bang is ready for harvesting after 8 weeks, but if you give her an extra week, the body-related effects are more pronounced. A word of caution, the Skunk is utterly present in the "aroma" of this variety - or in better words, this stuff stinks up your whole house, so make sure your ventilation system and carbon filters are in top condition. Outdoors the plants reach full maturity at the end of September.
Big Bang develops very thick candle-shaped buds with a multitude of orange stigmas and covered in a myriad of resin-glands. The properly cured end product should be savored carefully because the smoke expands in the lung and if you take a hard careless rip, you might end up coughing your lung out.

Cannabis Cups:
3rd High Times Cannabis Cup 2000

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

30 % sativa/70%indica
Indoor flowering time
8–9 weeks
Flowering time outdoor
Skunk x Northern Lights x El Niño
this stuff stinks up your whole house
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