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Auto White Widow®

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After several years of careful selection, Dutch Passion is pleased to introduce their special Auto White Widow® cannabis seeds. This is the long-awaited automatic version of their bestselling original White Widow. Auto White Widow® is a vigorous and strong auto, produced from their original White Widow mother plant using the same genetics which have won countless awards and satisfied thousands of growers. Auto White Widow® is very consistent and easy to grow with any grow method. Dutch Passion’s automatic version is ready to harvest around 75 days after germination. Experienced indoor auto growers will achieve the best results especially when growing in hydro Deep Water Culture systems. Plants reach the height of about 60 centimeters to 1 meter.

The taste is fresh, citrus pine, fairly sweet and strong. Auto White Widow® seeds produce bushy and frosty plants with numerous blooms. It produces strong aromas during growth and dense hard buds.

Auto White Widow is one of the best autos Dutch Passion has developed and is highly recommended for those looking for an easy-growing auto with generous parameters.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

Indica dominant
White Widow
Life cycle
10 weeks
Plant height
60 cm - 100 cm
Dutch Passion



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