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Auto Jack®

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Auto Jack is the autoflowering version of Jacky White, a sativa by Paradise Seeds. The taste of Auto Jack is dominated by a delicious fruity sweetness. Combined with the autoflowering ruderalis gene, it’s originally a cross of the legendary Jack Herer and White Widow strains. Auto Jack is characterized by short stout growth and a rapid flowering process, producing well-formed buds that sparkle with frosty trichomes. Indoors, its sativa gene ensures that there is more stretching than with some autos, but this is still a very manageable plant, ideal for small spaces. Outdoors, this sativa will do very nicely in the garden in most regions, even in the middle of an unsettled northern European summer. Suitable for growing outside between 60° N and 60° S, Auto Jack is ready to harvest in 10–12 weeks after seed germination outdoors and in 9–10 weeks indoors. 

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

70% ind./20% sat./10% rud.
Indoor flowering time
65 - 70 days
Flowering time outdoor
75 - 80 days
Jack Herer x White Widow x ruderalis
Life cycle
70–80 days
fruity sweet
Paradise Seeds


As this variety will be affect on you


Paradise Seeds presents autoflowering version of legendary marijuana strain Jack Herer, browse for more on Cannapedia.cz


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