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Arjan’s Haze #2

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As the name Arjan's Haze 2 already suggests, the emphasis is on HAZE! When Greenhouse Seeds welded Neville's Haze, Super Silver Haze and Laos together, they ended up with a highly productive and medicinally valuable plant. This is the perfect weed to boost your creativity and inspiration and although it also has a strong effect on the body, it does not in any way act like Indica weed and slows you down. The physical effects are best described as relaxing and antispasmodic.

Arjan's Haze 2 is a tall plant with long internodal distance and exhibits quite some stretching during the flowering period, so you better plan ahead and prune her early if you bring her up in a grow-room. While she is suited for outdoor cultivation, you should be aware that she needs a warm climate to perform well. Grown indoors, she requires 9 weeks of flowering to develop her large, slightly twisted columnar flower clusters. The buds can become very heavy, so, in order to prevent the branches from bending, supporting the plant is a must. Arjan's Haze 2 is very open-handed when it comes to yields, in an indoor setup an average harvest amounts to 700-800g/m², respectively up to - have a seat and buckle up - 1kg in early October outdoors.

Fundamental parameters

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20% ind./ 80% sat.
Indoor flowering time
10 weeks
Flowering time outdoor
end of october
Neville’s Haze x Super Silver Haze x Laos
Green House Seeds



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