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AK Automatic by Spliff Seeds

AK Automatic

Average rating: 3.1 (182× ratings)

Hybrid. AK x Dutch Blue Automatic. Spliff Seeds’ fastest finisher with a short, bushy structure and one dense cola. Slightly fermented taste with hints of sweet fruit.

By crossing their AK (Colombian, Thai, Mexican and Afghani heritage) with Dutch Blue Automatic (ruderalis, Northern Light, Santa Maria, Blueberry and Afghani heritage), Spliff Seeds have created the AK Automatic, their fastest autoflowering strain.

AK Automatic is a light feeder that is very easy to grow and barely has a vegetative stage. It is short and bushy and will form one principal cola with a few smaller side branches. The long, candle-shaped colas are covered in trichomes and fill out during late flowering. The first signs of flowering will appear around the fourth week. To achieve the full potential of this strain please stick to a 20/4 light schedule.

Outdoors, AK Auto will be ready in approximately 10 weeks after germination.

AK Automatic has a fruity, floral aroma and taste. The effect of this strain leans towards a sativa. It can be very effective against stress and depression.

Fundamental parameters

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60% indica / 30% sativa / 10% ruderalis
Indoor flowering time
9–10 weeks
Flowering time outdoor
AK x Dutch Blue Automatic
Plant height
Indoor: 50–80 cm
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