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Parkinson's disease

Parkinsonova choroba

Indications – Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative neurological disorder, which affects more than fifty percent of people over the age of 85. The cause is still unknown and there is also no effective cure known to modern medicine.


Symptoms and Treatment

Patients suffering from Parkinson’s have dysfunction in their dopamine system, specifically the production of too much glutamate and damage to dopamine-producing brain cells. Without enough dopamine, the body starts showing following symptoms: shaking of hands and limbs, spasms, problems with balance, tremors and/or stiffness, sleep issues; and as the diseases progresses there is also damage to cognitive functioning, memory loss and dementia.


Cannabis Gives Hope

Research has found a tight association between cannabinoids and dopamine, and confirmed the role of endocannabinoid system in the modulation of dopamine production.

So far, only a very few clinical trials have investigated cannabinoids effects of Parkinson’s patients. However, statistics prove that more than one in four patients use cannabis and about 50 percent of them report visible improvement.

There is also plenty of anecdotal evidence on social media showing significant improvement of Parkinson’s patients who are using cannabis in various forms – extracts, tinctures or edibles.