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Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus (cukrovka)

Diabetes mellitus is a group of autoimmune diseases accompanied by insulin production disorders that lead to hypoglycemia.

There are two basic types of the disease: the Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. The former is referred to as congenital or child diabetes with damaged pancreas not producing insulin. The Type 2 diabetes is less severe – it usually develops later in life and can usually be tackled by changing one's eating habits. However, if the disease is allowed to progress, it may lead to a blindness, kidney failure, nerve damage, atherosclerosis, and death.


A Versatile Help

Pre-clinical studies show that cannabinoids may mitigate the progression of diabetes. Furthermore, they also provide relief from a whole range of other symptoms. A 2006 study has proved that applying 5mg of CBD on a daily basis significantly reduces diabetes prevalence in mice.

One of the latest studies (2013) has dealt with effects of THCV on genetically modified obese mice. Results have shown that applying THCV yields several metabolic benefits, including mitigation of glucose tolerance disorders (PGT), increase of triglyceride levels in liver and increase of insulin sensitivity.

Further pre-clinical studies suggest that cannabinoids are beneficial for treating various related symptoms.

Several studies conducted in recent years claim that cannabis users face a decreased risk of Type 2 diabetes when compared to those who don't use cannabis. Researchers from the University of California have focused on the relation between diabetes and cannabis use on a big sample of 10,896 adult Americans. They found out that both current and former cannabis users face a smaller risk of contracting diabetes in their adult life.

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