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Crohn's disease

Crohnova nemoc

Thousands and thousands of cannabis users from all over the world claim that cannabis can relieve their pain, inflammation, spasms, lack of appetite and nausea – all of which are the symptoms of Crohn's disease.

New studies are published every year proving that cannabis is an effective treatment of this widespread digestive system disease while all the usage methods prove beneficial – smoking, vaporizing, oral and rectal ingestion, and so on (rectal application of suppositories is preferable among those suffering with digestive system conditions).

This autoimmune disease is considered incurable and the solution is often a surgical intervention. There are millions of people suffering with similar inflammatory bowel diseases. Even though doctors prescribe a wide range of anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals, specialists note that the available medication is not effective making it a huge challenge for gastroenterologists.

Scientific evidence

A survey among IDB (Inflammatory Bowel Diseases) patients has shown that many of them use cannabis to mediate the symptoms, and it especially helps most of the patients suffering with Crohn's disease.

Evidence clearly shows that active compounds found in cannabis, called cannabinoids, fit in the receptors in our body like key in a lock – and these receptors can be found not only in the nervous system and the brain, but also in the intestines.

Number of studies carried out in the past ten years on animals has proved that cannabis is capable of mitigating basically all major symptoms of Crohn's disease. Some of the clinical tests, carried out recently predominantly in Israel, provide evidence of the cannabis treatment being beneficialto humans as well.