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Obligations of Employees

§ 106 of the Labour Code - Rights and Obligations of Employees

(4) Every employee shall take all possible care of his own safety and health, and also of the safety and health of other persons (individuals) on whom his conduct or negligence at work has an immediate effect. The knowledge of fundamental obligations arising from statutory provisions and regulations and from the employer's requirements concerning occupational safety and health shall form an integral and permanent part of the employee's qualification prerequisites. The employee shall:

e) not consume alcoholic drinks or not abuse addictive substances at the employer's workplaces and during his working hours also outside such workplaces, not enter the employer's workplaces while under their influence, and not smoke at workplaces and other premises where non-smokers would be exposed to the effects of smoking. The prohibition of consumption of alcoholic beverages shall not apply to those employees working in unfavourable microclimatic conditions provided that they consume beer with a reduced alcohol content and to those employees, whose consumption of alcoholic drinks is an integral part of their performance of working tasks or is usually associated with performance of these tasks,

(i) undergo a test if instructed to do so by his superior, who is authorized in writing by the employer to give such instruction, for the purpose of establishing whether the employee is not under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substances.

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