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Cannapedia 2018 – The calendar of cannabis strains in four unique editions – On sale now

Wall calendars are not just a practical tool, but also a nice complement to your living or working space. Such are those based on the first Czech online encyclopedia of cannabis strains Cannapedia, which has released again its unique edition of four versions of a calendar according to types of strains. Each calendar includes a free bonus seed!

Thanks to the four different versions, you can choose one type for yourself and something different for your friend. The display of strains for the year 2018 is divided into four thematic areas: Legends, Autoflowering, Feminized and CBD.


How to choose your calendar?

Legendary Cannabis Strains: The most successful strains in the history of cannabis culture, the milestones of marihuana cultivation, legendary genetics relished by connoisseurs and growers from all over the world – only these strains can join the elite club of Legends! Our calendar features sweet delicacies from overseas, skunk killers from Holland, and exotic beauties from Spain. The calendar includes 1 free bonus seed of a feminized strain BCN Critical XXL by the seed bank Seed Stockers.


Autoflowering Cannabis Strains: Today, a part of the repertoire of every experienced grower – seeds of strains able to flower incredibly fast and under any conditions. Which autoflowering strains are the best and time-tested classics? What are the latest novelties and interesting trends in this rapidly developing breeding sector? The calendar includes 1 free bonus feminized seed and 3 regular seeds. You can choose from this combination of strains and seed banks: