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This magnificent plant has never ceased to be among the most popular and cultivated varieties in recent years, for its unforgettable aroma and flavor have made it an unchanging over time variety.
Realized by genetic save long ago by our breeders, we have been able to recover this valuable lady, providing the most outstanding highlight shades. Light indicated size, misses tall, but develops lateral branches nearly equal to the central stem structure adopted by fir. Their flowers fat until, joined together, form a core set reminiscent foxtails length of 30-50 cm.
Our Widow will surprise you with their soft wine flavored with sweet touches, floral and woody, a treat to the palate.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

50% ind./ 50% sat.
Indoor flowering time
8 weeks
Flowering time outdoor
middle/end of september
Citrus / touches wood



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