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Genotype maintained for over ten years. This lady is producing greater than can be found in our bank, it forms compact and very heavy buds completely covered by resin. An excellent choice for those who extract resin crop residues, as the amount of trichomes it produces is outstanding. It's the both beginners and experienced growers, plant preferred by many because its handling is very easy, and always rewards us with a great harvest. It is a variety highly resistant to powdery mildew, as it has never had problems with this pathogenic fungus. Once dry, abruption a very strong smell, with hints of coffee, earth and licorice, especially if grown organically. Anyway, has its own character that will not leave you indifferent.

Fundamental parameters

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Exodus Skunk
Indoor flowering time
8 weeks
Flowering time outdoor
early october
intense , with notes of coffee , cocoa and licorice



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