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Roof 95 by TH Seeds

Roof 95

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Back in 1995, on the roof of the C.I.A (Cannabis In Amsterdam) a seed was born, not to be rediscovered for 20 years. The plant outshined the others and finished fully even in the short brutal Dutch season. Grown in a case from the Picasso coffee shop that was boxed in and filled with soil, this plant was a true work of art. These seeds came from the original S.A.G.E. project and were part of the “Afghanica” side of S.A.G.E. This one plant produced a small batch of seeds that were saved throughout the years in the bank. These were further selected by the T.H.Seeds to bring to the masses an almost lost gem from a bit too distant past. Roof 95 is a very short, fat-leafed plant full of resin and heavy flavor.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

90% ind./ 10% sat.
Indoor flowering time
50–56 days
Plant height
55–90 cm
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