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We have recently introduced this variety, winner of the 1º Hydro award in the Spannabis 2007, with the name of Black Hemp. This strain comes from Black Widow and White Widow. With a singular growth: in vegetative this plant looks like an Indica with leaves like Indica's leaves but when it's blooming it's strong and vigorous and its leaves turn and look like the best Sativa's leaves. It's a Sativa with a touch of "Haze" flavour, that's why the growing periods must be really short if we don't want to get too big plants. So indoor we recommend, using cuttings, to put them blooming directly. Harvest outdoor: middle říjen.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

75% sat./ 25% ind.
Indoor flowering time
70–75 days
Flowering time outdoor
Black Widow x White Widow
Plant height
60–90 cm



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