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Maxi Gom Grass O Matic

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Original MAXI GOM is the superb result of combining two great plants into a super automatic strain directed towards the most demanding growers. Nowadays, it stills a true queen, really hard to beat.Within only 75 days from germination, under optimum conditions, this strain can give the same results achievable with the so called Super Autos, which need 100 or more days to finish. Plant with an opened structure that stretches quickly at around week 4 and can grow up 1,5 metres tall. It develops a long main cola and many side branches delivering beautiful resinous buds which will increase in mass towards the end of flowering. Sensitive to unbalanced nitrogen.
MAXI GOM has a unique taste and aroma, a strong fruity fragrance with a touch of anis and exotic notes of mango and pineapple.
Powerful and long lasting clear sativa high with a pleasant relaxing body stone.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

autoflowering hybrid
Indoor flowering time
75 days
Flowering time outdoor
75 days
Auto (Critical) Mass x Auto AK
strong fruity fragrance with a touch of anis and exotic notes of mango and pineapple
Plant height
1,5 m



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