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Mamacita's Cookies Feminized

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To create this fantastic strain we have crossed two famous American strains, Girl Scout Cookies (75%) and Nicole (25%), getting a robust and ultra powerful strain. The aroma of this strain is very complex: initially sweet then revealing notes of underwood fruits and sandalwood. The effect is very complex as well, resulting extremely strong on both mind and body, sometimes being able to enhance creativity. Mamacita's Cookies intense pleasure won't disappoint anybody, and, by the way, with a THC level of 25% she can deal with the most intense recreational users or, for medical use, to fight the most intense pain. A new gem in our collection.

Fundamental parameters

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65 % Indica / 35 % Sativa
Indoor flowering time
9 weeks
Girl Scout Cookies (75%) x Nicole (25%)
complex, sweet, underwood fruits, sandalwood
Ministry of Cannabis


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