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Lowryder Autoflowering

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Lowryder is one of the fastest growing plants available with a total life cycle of 8 weeks from seed to harvest. As the name suggest this is an extremely small plant growing up to 50cm tall, making this a perfect choice for those discrete grow operations. After 9 generations of selection, lowryder is stable and reliable with no hermaphrodite traits. Using an experimental Mexican Ruderalis, Williams Wonder and Northern Lights #2, Lowryder combines over 25 years of breeding.

Lowryder is probably the most known auto-flower variety around today. Auto-flower is a type of plant that will flower almost straight after germination, with very little to none veg required.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

mostly indica x mexican ruderalis
Indoor flowering time
56 days
Flowering time outdoor
mid September
Williams Wonder x Northern Lights No.2 x Mexican Ruderalis
Life cycle
56 days
Plant height
35 cm
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