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Lemon Cream Kush Automatic

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Indica dominant. Medical Kush x Dutch Automatic. Robust plant with a medium yield. Ideal painkiller with dense trichome production. Skunky kush aroma with an amazingly sweet kush flavor.


This autoflowering strain was developed through an extensive breeding programme using our trusted Medical Kush and Dutch Automatic. Lemon Cream Kush Automatic combines the unique taste and medicinal effect of Medical Kush with the practicality of our Dutch Automatic even better than we imagined. She is easy to grow, finishes relatively fast and is highly resistant to mold and bud rot.

As with our other autoflowering strains, Lemon Cream Kush Automatic is a light feeder. She is short and bushy and will form a single main cola with a few smaller side branches. The first signs of flowering will appear around week 5. This strain was developed for growing outdoors, but will perform best indoors under an 20/4  schedule.

Lemon Cream Kush Automatic stays true to its photoperiod counterpart in terms of aroma and flavour: a delicious combination of lemon and sweet Kush. Despite its indica genetics the high is clear and balanced, resembling a sativa strain. The mild body stone provides extremely potent and long-lasting pain relief from joint, muscular, neuropathic and menstrual pains.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

mostly indika
Indoor flowering time
10 weeks
Flowering time outdoor
Medical Kush x Dutch Automatic
sweet, skunk, kush
Plant height
indoor: 0,6-0,8 m, outdoor: 1,2-1,5 m
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