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Lemon Cream Kush

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Lemon Cream Kush Female Cannabis Seeds

Indica dominant. Chitrali #1 (IBL) x Skunk no.1. Easy to grow. Highly stable, super medicinal strain; ideal painkiller. Lemon zest aroma with a sweet kush flavor.

Lemon Cream Kush was cloned straight from original Chitrali #1 seeds, which we got from Pakistan (Hindu Kush valley) and stabilized using one of our proven Skunk #1 fathers. By extensively selecting and backcrossing the Chitral we have formed a very stable strain; stress proof and with only two clear phenos.

Our Lemon Cream Kush is an Indica dominant strain with rock hard nugs and massive resin production. She has been long time favoured medicinal strain in Holland as a great painkiller.

Lemon Cream Kush has two phenos, one is a typical indica; shorter and stockier with typically compact Kush nugs. Pheno two is more sativa dominant; taller in stature and with long stretched buds that are not as dense. She is ideal for SCROG and very well suited for growing in more moderate climates, Indoor flowering takes 8-9 weeks, outdoors she is ready for harvest mid September – mid October.

Her smell is lemon with a piney twist. Delicious tasting bud with a sativa head high and a mild bodystoned effect. There is no raciness or paranoia whatsoever, making her ideal for daytime medication against chronic pain and stress.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

mostly indika
Indoor flowering time
8-9 weeks
Flowering time outdoor
Chitrali #1 (IBL) x Skunk no.1
lemon, kush, piney twist
Plant height
indoor: 1-1,2 m, outdoor: 1,5-2 m
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