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Hawaiian Wave

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It comes from the selection of one of the most potent hawaiian sativas of the last decade: Hawaiian Haze, crossed with our sweet and devastating Double Glock. This mixture results in one of the most sativa plants in our catalogue Hawaiian Wave. While breeding this very potent cross we have achieved a sweet mix of red fruit flavors with an intense and characteristic metallic Haze touch. Hawaiian wave has a very clear and introspective effect and a flowering cycle of only 80 days. Its effect is high, active, cerebral and very long lasting offering you long and pleasant sativa experiences. With the result of this sativa/indica hybridization we have achieved a flowering cycle of 10 to 11 weeks and an extraordinary performance.

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

80% sat./ 20% ind.
Indoor flowering time
75–85 days
Flowering time outdoor
Hawaiian Haze x Double Glock


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