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Galaxy Cheese Auto

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Auto Galaxy Cheese is a good traveling companion, tough and appreciated by expert growers. This variety of marijuana comes from a perfect cross between Critical + and Cheese Original. Sputnik Seeds has created a very stable marijuana seeds, tall and good production.The Galaxy Cheese Auto plants are very easy to grow, they are also very discreet and productive. Thanks to its characteristics, this variety of marijuana becomes a good choice for urban farming. Although the strong odor given off by the Auto Galaxy Cheese plants essential to use anti odor filters in indoor crops.The cheese flavor Mother Cheese is one of the most personal characteristics of this magnificent variety of cannabis. Its intense flavor in the mouth berserk all lovers of marijuana. Auto Galaxy Cheese CBD has a level higher than the genetic mother; its effects are very strong and physical. Brutal!

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

Indoor flowering time
70 days
Flowering time outdoor
70 days
The Critical + and Cheese Original



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