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El Niño

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El Niño is an elitary member of the White family and winner of multiple awards with an extraordinary resin production. Greenhouse Seeds create her by crossing White Widow (Brazilian x South Indian) with Haze and Super Skunk. El Niño is a very bushy short plant with a very short internodal spacing, thick big leafs and a high productivity. The stem and branches are thick and strong, allowing for the buds to become heavy without any problems of bowing down branches.
El Niño is an ideal plant for the ScrOG and SOG method, but performs great outdoors as well. Reared indoors, the best results are achieved when you grant her at least 10 days (in 5.5 liters pots) at 18hrs/day lighting before switching to flowering. This will give the plants enough time to fully develop and maximizes the production of flowers and resin. If you want to boost the resin production even more, use turf-rich or volcanic soil and add volcanic lava stones or guano to enrich the mineral content. To allow for maximum resin production and bud size you should bring her up in a hydro system, starting with a pH of 5.5 and a value of 5.8 at the end of the flowering. El Niño is a good eater, the EC can be as high as 2.2, but don't forget to flush on a regular basis to avoid salts building up in the medium.
Outdoors she adapts to most environments with little to no stress, but performs best in a very sunny spot. Brought up in 20 liter pots, you can give her up to 21 days of vegetative growth. The plants will then reach a height of 130-140cm and will be fully branched and very bushy, but then the smaller buds closer to the stem will get less light, so, in this case, pruning some leafs becomes obligatory.
The buds and leafs in between the calyxes become so incredibly densely covered in trichomes, your eyes will be out on stalks! The properly dried and cured buds have a sweet Indica flavor and the smoke is amazingly smooth, with a spicy and peppery aftertaste on the exhale. El Niño weed is filled to the brim with power! Be prepared for a long-lasting very pleasant social high alongside a smooth and numb body feeling.

Cannabis Cups:
1st Place In Bio Category At High Times Cannabis Cup 1998
2nd Place At High Times Cannabis Cup 1998
2nd Place In Bio Category At High Times Cannabis Cup 1997

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

30 % sativa/70%indica
Indoor flowering time
8 weeks
Flowering time outdoor
end of September
Haze / Super Skunk x Brazilian and South Indian hemp
rich, expressive , full bouquet
Plant height
Green House Seeds



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