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Diesel Automatic

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This strain is a hybrid of the classic New York City Diesel crossed with the awesome Lowryder #2. Diesel Automatic offers the well-known and much-loved taste and aroma of the New York City Diesel while offering quicker harvests thanks to the autoflowering genetics gained from its Lowryder #2 parent. Like all the newer autoflowering hybrids, it has a better flavor compared to many of the original autoflowering strains. It is a fast and powerful strain and takes around 8 weeks for the whole growth cycle. This means it can grow almost anywhere, being ideal for small grow tents, cupboards or guerrilla grows outdoors. It normally grows to a height of around 50 to 70 centimeters indoors, but can grow larger if given space or grown outdoors. Diesel Automatic has a strong odour, so please keep this in mind if growing in more discreet conditions. Its flavor is mainly the chemical, fuel-like diesel taste but not quite as overpowering. There is also a slight citrus aroma in the buds. If you like New York City Diesel but don’t have the time, space or ability to grow it – then Diesel Automatic is the perfect strain for you.


Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

40% sat./ 30% ind./ 30% rud.
Indoor flowering time
7–8 weeks
Flowering time outdoor
7–8 weeks
Diesel x ruderalis
Life cycle
8–9 weeks after sprouting
Royal Queen Seeds


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