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Delicious Candy Auto

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The development of Delicious Candy Auto aka Cheese Candy Auto started with the creation of automatic versions of original Cheese and Caramelo by Delicious Seeds. The result is a very fast-flowering auto strain with balanced indica and sativa characteristics. Delicious Candy Auto is a medium-sized or tall plant that is compact and robust. Germinating in the final pot with a spongy substrate and good drainage is recommended. It thrives in 7-litre pots indoors, producing one main bud surrounded by other smaller ones on the lower branches and, as a result, making best use of the amount of light used. A bigger pot outdoors will produce a better-branched and taller plant. With enough sunlight and good soil the branches should become laden with large, dense buds. It is a surprisingly quick strain, considering the size and quantity of flowers. It will quickly start to produce a large quantity of floral-smelling resin. As they dry, the buds develop more notably acidic notes like licorice or peppery spices. The effect is totally indica; markedly physical with only slight cerebral stimulation. Very effective in treating muscular pain, insomnia and anxiety. An excellent strain for medicinal usage for patients requiring high CBD levels. 

Fundamental parameters

Information about the origin and the life cycles of plants

Indica autoflowering
Cheese Auto x Caramelo Auto
Life cycle
60 - 65 days
intense, citric
Delicious Seeds


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